Thursday, December 2, 2010


So, I hate blogging. I used to post daily when I was twelve*,

but I've just gotten really busy....

However, I live to creep all of your blogs. No flipping joke.

*By twelve, I mean actually twelve years of age. Not this awful, forever-Beehive state I'm stuck in.

Just thought I'd clear that up.

So I was reading the amazing, wonderful, lovely Jadyn Maree's blog...

and she nominated me for this. :)

Why she did this completely baffles me since I treat my blog like a poor, red-headed stepchild....but I don't question it. :)

So apparently I'm now obligated to post 10 things about me?

So, this is me and some random angry elf. Yup.


1. My hands are ALWAYS cold. Always. Whether it's July or December, they're always like 30 degrees colder than the rest of my freaking body. Holy obnoxious.

2. Since I could crawl, my parents have called me Captain of One-Man Accidents. I was an only child for five years, but I always managed to have a bump the size of baseball on my ginormous gourd of a head after playing. I gravitate towards walls apparently.

3. I... am Giselle. I dressed up as her for Halloween last year and won a costume contest, and was told by all the judges "You stayed in character all night... but that wasn't too hard for you, now was it?" Ouch.

4. I'm notorious for being obnoxiously know-it-all-ish. If I know a fact, I'm gonna blurt it out in superior tones just naturally. It's awful, I recognize that I do it, but it is what it is. I'll work on it. (probably not though.)

5. I genuinely hate getting compliments. When I deny something, I'm not fishing for compliments and trying to get you to keep telling me, I seriously just don't want to hear it. It's irrational and stupid, I know, but it seriously just irks me.

6. I like boys waaaay too much for a fourteen year old girl. It's proven to be problematic and I need to just be kept in a box until I can date. As dear Emily McPeek told me (jokingly I hope), "Toria, you're such a mans lady. Like a ladies man, but opposite."

7. I have no good pictures of my face. Literally. Every cool picture of me, I'm looking to the side or bent over laughing, or upside down. Once I get my braces off (NEXT WEEK! :D), this needs to change.

8. I can't wait to get out of high school, get my teaching degree, get married, and teach until I'm so pregnant I'm gonna asplode. Twill be great. :)

9. I pretty much idolize my five year old sister, Gracie. (AKA the random midget pictured above). She's hilarious, and never fails to make me smile.

10. I love the gospel with every fiber of my being. I've been so blessed in my life to never have gone through any serious trials, but I still have a testimony of this church and how it so absolutely, positively, 100% true. Seminary is pretty much my favorite place on earth and I'm so blessed to be in an amazing ward. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints=PERFECT.

So, that's me! Thanks Jadyn for nominating me! I love you!

10 people I think deserve this are definitely

Samantha H, Emily M, Jadyn H, Erika T, Alexa M,

Mi Madre-Renae A, Janelle D, Cori R, aaaand... I dunno. People.

I'm lame and don't know of any other bloggers. Haha.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

(Enter 30 Other Daily Posts I Was Too Lazy To Do HERE)

Bahahaha. You probably thought I was going to finish the challenge. Suckaaaa.

Actually, if you know me even a little bit,
you probably had no doubt that
I would bail on this immediately. Either way, it definitely didn't happen.


I just saw Tangled. Holy most amazing Disney movie ever made.

Yes, I said it. Better than Beauty and the Beast. Enchanted.
Hercules. The Lion King. Toy Story. ALL of them.

It was phenomenal, and the music even more so.

And it helped that the Flynn was extremely attractive. :)

Most importantly, this movie reminded me of one of life long, completely embarrassing dreams.

I seriously want to be a Disney princess.

Either at Disneyland, or actually getting to voice and sing for one, I think it would be the most amazing experience ever. It's like number five on my bucket list.

So... yeah. Sorry my blog sucks.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

As many people (about five, actually) are aware...

I am a cat. Not too happy about that. (Hey, unintentional rhyming!! Win.)

And because I am a cat, it is COMPLETELY justifiable to be a copy cat. So I'm gonna do the 31 Day Photo Challenge!

(See? See that logic? It works.)

Alright, Tobey ho, let's go!

(reference to a book you most likely haven't read, ignore it)

Day 1:

A Picture of Yourself With Ten Facts

1. I am twelve. I mean, ok, I guess I'm fourteen... but I'm really twelve. Most likely always will be.
2. I absolutely HATED piano.... until I quit. And now I play about 21.7 times more than I did when I actually took lessons. Weird stuff.
3. I have an irrational fear of Piglet. I mean, he doesn't terrify me or anything... but he gives me the creeps. Long story.
4. I LOVE when boys sing in church. Way more attractive then sitting there pretending you're too cool to be there, and that going to church is such an inconvenience for you... ferills.
5. I HATE talking on the phone, unless I'm in a specific mood that calls for it. I say what I need to say, then put the phone down.
6. When I read, my feet must be covered. Not like socks, but a pillow or blanket. Just my feet though.
7. I am honestly not a creative person. I can't write music, poetry, or draw to save my life. It's kinda sad....
8. I can name almost every Star Wars character ever seen or mentioned in the movies AND video games, plus planets and species. I'm the epitome of nerd.
9. Playing piano with my toes is the funnest thing ever.
10. I love dresses. If I could dress like a Jane Austen character every day of my life, I would.
Well, let's see if I actually stick with this and do Day two.
Doubtful, but we'll see.
Later! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

I just got the butterflies in my tummy...

from watching Superman Returns. And all because of this hunk of hotness right here.

I like his look. It says, "Hi, I'm attractive, and you're gonna swoon right" Yup.
So in other unrelated news, I have been doing absolutely nothing lately. Hence the ridiculous lack of posting on this poor neglected excuse for a blog.
Yeah... that's about it.
Tune in next month.... and I might have posted by then! Buuuut probably not.
Toria out. :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sometimes... we're idiots. And sometimes, I hate the fact that I don't bring my camera places, so that I can picturate the pure awesomeness that is having an adventure at 1 am.

I still have the awesome story. Bear with me here folks, it's a doozy. :)

It all started on a rainy Saturday night (insert flashback waves and dreamy music)...

We were sitting in Erika's car on the way home from the Queen Creek dance. Me, Erika, Heidi, and Alexa Dyan. Cause we're cool like that. And we had just turned from Pecos onto Mountain, when "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz came on. Being American, we just HAD to dance and sing along. So we did.

While we joyously sang of innocent love, we were approaching what we thought to be a puddle. Yeah... It wasn't a puddle. About 10 feet in, the water splashed over us so much that it covered the windshield and got into the cracks of our windows. Which is about the time when Erika said "Guys... the car stopped." We looked out the windows. Water came up over almost the whole wheel. No bueno.

So... we said a prayer. A fervent prayer from the heart, because in all honestly, we really, really needed it. Then, we saw that there was another car just in front of the wash were stuck in, so we started yelling for help. It turned out to be Skyler, Aaron, Thomas, and Daniel. Thank heavens. :)

We climbed out the windows, and waded through the thigh-deep water to the front of the car, which we pushed out of the wash with Aaron's help and Alexa steering. By that point, it was about 11:45ish. Once we got the car out of the water, we looked inside. Completely waterlogged and flooded in the driver's seat. Crap. So we called my dad and he was gonna come pick us up.

So we waited and tried to stop other cars from making our same mistakes. Then, another car came towards us, and we started flagging it down to tell it to turn around. Turns out it was the fuzz. Oops. Apparently Daniel's mom called 911, and they decided to come out here. And BOY were they mad. After about 10 minutes of lecturing, their buddies in the ambulance decided to show up to. The our amigos from the Sheriff's office. And hey, why not through a big fire department truck in there too for good measure? Yeah. Not fun.

So my dad finally came and bailed us out of the situation, but not before we got a stern talking to from the police. And finally, at 12:30, we were allowed to leave. Halle-freaking-lujah.

So there's my story. If you even got this far. If so, you get a gold star. Win. :)

Alright, I'm out. Later gaters! :)

P.S. I just spellchecked, and apparently the idiots at Google think 'picturate' isn't a word. Losers.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I hate blogging. With a passion. And I WAS going to apoligize for not blogging.... but I feel no remorse. So ha. :P

School is about to start. Incredibly mixed feelings on THAT one...


I've been addicted to guitar lately. In a good way.

Tis fun. :)


I am the proud owner of an epically awesome new Phineas and Ferb shirt.
Another FACT? You're jealous.
So... this post was slightly pointless. And i don't care.
Peace out suckas!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


... I am neglectful of my blog. Stop yelling at me.

Well my last post was quite some time ago, and I HATE playing catch-up, so I won't. My past month will be a mystery to you all. For all you know, I could have disappeared off of the face of the Earth, because that's what my blog seems to think. Ha.


I... am a idea thief. I have no original ideas.

Oh well


I'm doing a weekly top ten! Woot! :)


My Top 10 Music Artists!

1. U2

AKA The best band to walk this Earth. That is my opinion and will be forever. I have been listening to that music since I was a baby, and I cannot go a day without listening to/ singing/ playing/ THINKING about there music. My dad and I get into hour long discussions about single songs of theirs. They have a song for every one of my moods, and it makes me so indescribably happy. Yes, I'm aware they are old. But they were this awesome when my dad was my age, so what do you expect? I'm in love with them anyways. :)

2. Dixie Chicks

Oh, I hear you. "But Victoria, that's... COUNTRY!!!! You hate country with all of your heart and soul!!" No... I do not. I hate the generic, every one of the guys sounds the same (drunk), and I-like-to-sing-about-beer-and-horses-and-women country music. Dixie Chicks however... I was raised on these girls. In fact , the most embarrassing video in existence is of my singing Dixie Chicks! Yes, they're anti-American, whatever. :P I like their music, so deal. I love the harmonies they always do, and the emotion they put into their music.

3. Coldplay

Raised on this stuff too. I've realized a lot of my musical interests come from my father. At least he has good taste in music. :) Coldplay is just so... different. It has its own distinct style and I absolutely love it. I like all of the different instruments and how each song has its own feel to it.

4. No Doubt

hehehehe... I love No Doubt. :) Gwen Stefani can pretty much do anything with her voice, and their sound is so distinct, I can pick it out when I'm just flippin through radio stations. Their music is just plain fun to listen to.

5. Relient K

I was introduced to their music by my cousin in Utah who is OBSESSED with them. And I was surprised by how good they were. And their a Capella?? AMAZING. Each one of their songs is unique, but their albums all have a theme that is tied into every song on there. I LOVE that.

6. Johnny Cash

J.R. Cash. The Man in Black. This guy... oh man. What a legacy. I absolutely love Johnny Cash. We always listen to his music before we go hiking in the Superstitions. Just listening to his voice gives me chills. I know he wasn't the best person morally or anything, but as an artist, this guy is amazing.

7. Broadway

I realize Broadway is not an artist. But broadway music rules my life. I can now play the Phantom of the Opera book cover to cover on piano, and I'm working on wicked. I have approximately 5 musicals memorized. Obsessed much? :)

(We're already on number 8?? How exhilarating!! :P)

8. Natasha Bedingfield

I really love her. I mean, it helps that I'm insanely jealous of her accent, but her music's good too... :) She has such an awesome range and the piano arrangements to her song make me squeal in delight. Silly me. :)

9. Kelly Clarkson

She's amazing. Again, piano arrangements make me so insanely excited because they are so perfectly perfect. And her range and talent NEVER fails to blow me away.


10. Us- The Princesses.

Yup. That's right. I've realized that all of us princesses are seriously musically inclined. Coincidence? I think not. :) I'm gonna say your talents... and there are a lot. :)

Princess Erika Danielle Sullivan Taylor:

This girl... wow. She has insane guitar skills I wont even try to describe. They're epic. AND she sings AND she's learning piano from a sucky teacher (moi). She has such amazing persistence and it really shows in her music. She aims to please this girl. :)

Princess Alexa Dyan Fylupp Marble:

Mad guitar and piano skills. Her playing makes me jealous. And her voice. That makes me jealous too. And Erika and I agree on this, she sings Taylor Swift songs better than Taylor Swift does. :)

Princess Jadyn Maree Rupert Hicks:

(so I couldn't find a musical pic for her or Mimi... oops. )

Oh my goodness... voice of an angel. Her voice makes me want to cry because she doesn't even have to try!!!!! And she's AMAZING on piano and guitar, so my jealousy just increases. In case you haven't noticed, I have insane jealousy issues. Thanks Alexa. :)

Princess Emily Jardine Felix McPeek:

I love Mimi. She has such an awesome voice. I LOVED hearing her at the choir concert and it was so fun! :) Again, jealousy issues. Mimi? I'm out for your voice. Beware. :)

Princess Victoria Renae Monroe Alexander:

What? I'm not allowed to post about myself??? I can be self absorbed when I want to be! :P haha so I love singing. I've been able to carry a harmony since I was 4, and melodies make me want to puke. Add some variation! :P Piano and guitar pretty much took over my life, and I love them so insanely much. Music=Life.

Yup. I'm finally done. This took me two hours. :P

More to come! Maybe...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Woot for Julie Andrews-inspired post titles! :)

Ferills though...

Things that make me go :D

1. My Three-eyed Alien from Toy Story shirt. I giggled when i saw it, and whenever I wear it, Gracie follows me around saying, "You have saved our lives and we are eternally greatful!" Sick.

Another thing that makes me happy? My hair in this picture. Yup. :)

2. My piano. Its been in the family for fourty something years, but I love it.

Man I love this thing. :)

3. Phineas and Ferb. Pretty much the best children's show ever invented. EVER. :)

4. The ever-messy state of my room.

I am aware of the fact that my mother despises it, but I don't care. I think it's perfect. :)

5. Watson, my lovely acoustic guitar.

Jadyn Maree was kind enough to name him, and Erika is giving me lessons. Lemme just say... I am so in love with this thing.

6. My garden... despite the fact it is shaped like an internal organ. Maybe a kidney...?

7. The Princess and the Frog. No explanation neccessary.
Well.... that's all for now! Off to pack for Girl's Camp tomorrow... woot woot!! :)
Peace out people! :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Blog!!!!!

soooo... I gots a new blog. woot.

and I'm still working on the layout, so bear with me folks.

Princess Monroe out. :)