Saturday, November 27, 2010

(Enter 30 Other Daily Posts I Was Too Lazy To Do HERE)

Bahahaha. You probably thought I was going to finish the challenge. Suckaaaa.

Actually, if you know me even a little bit,
you probably had no doubt that
I would bail on this immediately. Either way, it definitely didn't happen.


I just saw Tangled. Holy most amazing Disney movie ever made.

Yes, I said it. Better than Beauty and the Beast. Enchanted.
Hercules. The Lion King. Toy Story. ALL of them.

It was phenomenal, and the music even more so.

And it helped that the Flynn was extremely attractive. :)

Most importantly, this movie reminded me of one of life long, completely embarrassing dreams.

I seriously want to be a Disney princess.

Either at Disneyland, or actually getting to voice and sing for one, I think it would be the most amazing experience ever. It's like number five on my bucket list.

So... yeah. Sorry my blog sucks.