Tuesday, June 22, 2010


... I am neglectful of my blog. Stop yelling at me.

Well my last post was quite some time ago, and I HATE playing catch-up, so I won't. My past month will be a mystery to you all. For all you know, I could have disappeared off of the face of the Earth, because that's what my blog seems to think. Ha.


I... am a idea thief. I have no original ideas.

Oh well


I'm doing a weekly top ten! Woot! :)


My Top 10 Music Artists!

1. U2

AKA The best band to walk this Earth. That is my opinion and will be forever. I have been listening to that music since I was a baby, and I cannot go a day without listening to/ singing/ playing/ THINKING about there music. My dad and I get into hour long discussions about single songs of theirs. They have a song for every one of my moods, and it makes me so indescribably happy. Yes, I'm aware they are old. But they were this awesome when my dad was my age, so what do you expect? I'm in love with them anyways. :)

2. Dixie Chicks

Oh, I hear you. "But Victoria, that's... COUNTRY!!!! You hate country with all of your heart and soul!!" No... I do not. I hate the generic, every one of the guys sounds the same (drunk), and I-like-to-sing-about-beer-and-horses-and-women country music. Dixie Chicks however... I was raised on these girls. In fact , the most embarrassing video in existence is of my singing Dixie Chicks! Yes, they're anti-American, whatever. :P I like their music, so deal. I love the harmonies they always do, and the emotion they put into their music.

3. Coldplay

Raised on this stuff too. I've realized a lot of my musical interests come from my father. At least he has good taste in music. :) Coldplay is just so... different. It has its own distinct style and I absolutely love it. I like all of the different instruments and how each song has its own feel to it.

4. No Doubt

hehehehe... I love No Doubt. :) Gwen Stefani can pretty much do anything with her voice, and their sound is so distinct, I can pick it out when I'm just flippin through radio stations. Their music is just plain fun to listen to.

5. Relient K

I was introduced to their music by my cousin in Utah who is OBSESSED with them. And I was surprised by how good they were. And their a Capella?? AMAZING. Each one of their songs is unique, but their albums all have a theme that is tied into every song on there. I LOVE that.

6. Johnny Cash

J.R. Cash. The Man in Black. This guy... oh man. What a legacy. I absolutely love Johnny Cash. We always listen to his music before we go hiking in the Superstitions. Just listening to his voice gives me chills. I know he wasn't the best person morally or anything, but as an artist, this guy is amazing.

7. Broadway

I realize Broadway is not an artist. But broadway music rules my life. I can now play the Phantom of the Opera book cover to cover on piano, and I'm working on wicked. I have approximately 5 musicals memorized. Obsessed much? :)

(We're already on number 8?? How exhilarating!! :P)

8. Natasha Bedingfield

I really love her. I mean, it helps that I'm insanely jealous of her accent, but her music's good too... :) She has such an awesome range and the piano arrangements to her song make me squeal in delight. Silly me. :)

9. Kelly Clarkson

She's amazing. Again, piano arrangements make me so insanely excited because they are so perfectly perfect. And her range and talent NEVER fails to blow me away.


10. Us- The Princesses.

Yup. That's right. I've realized that all of us princesses are seriously musically inclined. Coincidence? I think not. :) I'm gonna say your talents... and there are a lot. :)

Princess Erika Danielle Sullivan Taylor:

This girl... wow. She has insane guitar skills I wont even try to describe. They're epic. AND she sings AND she's learning piano from a sucky teacher (moi). She has such amazing persistence and it really shows in her music. She aims to please this girl. :)

Princess Alexa Dyan Fylupp Marble:

Mad guitar and piano skills. Her playing makes me jealous. And her voice. That makes me jealous too. And Erika and I agree on this, she sings Taylor Swift songs better than Taylor Swift does. :)

Princess Jadyn Maree Rupert Hicks:

(so I couldn't find a musical pic for her or Mimi... oops. )

Oh my goodness... voice of an angel. Her voice makes me want to cry because she doesn't even have to try!!!!! And she's AMAZING on piano and guitar, so my jealousy just increases. In case you haven't noticed, I have insane jealousy issues. Thanks Alexa. :)

Princess Emily Jardine Felix McPeek:

I love Mimi. She has such an awesome voice. I LOVED hearing her at the choir concert and it was so fun! :) Again, jealousy issues. Mimi? I'm out for your voice. Beware. :)

Princess Victoria Renae Monroe Alexander:

What? I'm not allowed to post about myself??? I can be self absorbed when I want to be! :P haha so I love singing. I've been able to carry a harmony since I was 4, and melodies make me want to puke. Add some variation! :P Piano and guitar pretty much took over my life, and I love them so insanely much. Music=Life.

Yup. I'm finally done. This took me two hours. :P

More to come! Maybe...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Woot for Julie Andrews-inspired post titles! :)

Ferills though...

Things that make me go :D

1. My Three-eyed Alien from Toy Story shirt. I giggled when i saw it, and whenever I wear it, Gracie follows me around saying, "You have saved our lives and we are eternally greatful!" Sick.

Another thing that makes me happy? My hair in this picture. Yup. :)

2. My piano. Its been in the family for fourty something years, but I love it.

Man I love this thing. :)

3. Phineas and Ferb. Pretty much the best children's show ever invented. EVER. :)

4. The ever-messy state of my room.

I am aware of the fact that my mother despises it, but I don't care. I think it's perfect. :)

5. Watson, my lovely acoustic guitar.

Jadyn Maree was kind enough to name him, and Erika is giving me lessons. Lemme just say... I am so in love with this thing.

6. My garden... despite the fact it is shaped like an internal organ. Maybe a kidney...?

7. The Princess and the Frog. No explanation neccessary.
Well.... that's all for now! Off to pack for Girl's Camp tomorrow... woot woot!! :)
Peace out people! :)