Friday, February 25, 2011

We'll Watch the World From Above...

So, this week has kind of sucked. And by kind of, I mean totally and absolutely.
But, hopefully tomorrow will be fun, and I can make things better. Who knows?
So, I wanted to do some super-cute and fun post, but the camera is MIA with my mother at Ragnar right now, so I'm without photography means. Oh well.
SOOOO, I have a new idea that I'm going to feature on my blog. Once a week, I'm going to interview one of my friends/fellow bloggers, complete with photos taken and edited by moi, and a link to their amazingtastic blog. Sound like fun?? :)
So, just comment if you want to take part, with your email, and I'll get back to you all! Mmkay?
Later people! :)
{Rhythm of Love, Plain White T's}

Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day...

A day where, normally, I sack out on the couch and watch Lord of the Rings for 9 hours straight.

However, today was actually remarkably fun. My mom was working unfortunately, but my dad decided to take us to have some fun as a family.

So, we went to the arboretum in Superior to take pictures and hike for a few hours. And it was suprisingly fun and extremely beautiful. Then we went to the Gold Field Ghost Town by the superstition mountains, but unfortunately my camera was dead and I didn't get any pictures there. :/

Oh well, the garden pictures are still sweet.

(Fake, but cool-looking none the less. :)

All the kids together, happy. Crazy.

So, that was my day. Oh, and that whole video thing? So not gonna happen, cause I can't figure out how to upload. Oh well.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I have a slight obsession...

with mustaches.

Seriously people. Women should be the ones to grow facial hair, because we can work it so much better than men.


So anyways, on a completely related note, I want this SO. STINKING. BADLY.

Available here, it's probably the best thing I've ever seen EVER.

(On a completely unrealted note, my birthday's a month from tomorrow. Just sayin. :)

Also, I finally faced my fears and recorded myself singing.

Let me tell you, NOT my best idea. But it'll be up soon anyways. :)

Peace out girl scouts!