Monday, August 2, 2010


I hate blogging. With a passion. And I WAS going to apoligize for not blogging.... but I feel no remorse. So ha. :P

School is about to start. Incredibly mixed feelings on THAT one...


I've been addicted to guitar lately. In a good way.

Tis fun. :)


I am the proud owner of an epically awesome new Phineas and Ferb shirt.
Another FACT? You're jealous.
So... this post was slightly pointless. And i don't care.
Peace out suckas!


Samantha said...

Sweet. Shirt. Oh and I heard that you are also an owner of a "More Cow Bell" shirt?? Is this true?? If you are I am quite jealous!! P.S.- you are the best :) Yes I said it!

Victoria Renae said...

This rumor is indeed true!!! its pretty much my pride and joy. :) and you are the best too!! I miss hanging out with you!!!

Jadyn said...

Yes, I AM jealous of that shirt!
And don't worry too much about school darlin', Sophomore year isn't that tough, it's Junior year you need to watch out for... YIKES!
You're so cute!
Love ya!

Samantha said...

That's amazing, I am officially jealous of your awsomeness! I miss hang out with you too!!