Saturday, October 30, 2010

As many people (about five, actually) are aware...

I am a cat. Not too happy about that. (Hey, unintentional rhyming!! Win.)

And because I am a cat, it is COMPLETELY justifiable to be a copy cat. So I'm gonna do the 31 Day Photo Challenge!

(See? See that logic? It works.)

Alright, Tobey ho, let's go!

(reference to a book you most likely haven't read, ignore it)

Day 1:

A Picture of Yourself With Ten Facts

1. I am twelve. I mean, ok, I guess I'm fourteen... but I'm really twelve. Most likely always will be.
2. I absolutely HATED piano.... until I quit. And now I play about 21.7 times more than I did when I actually took lessons. Weird stuff.
3. I have an irrational fear of Piglet. I mean, he doesn't terrify me or anything... but he gives me the creeps. Long story.
4. I LOVE when boys sing in church. Way more attractive then sitting there pretending you're too cool to be there, and that going to church is such an inconvenience for you... ferills.
5. I HATE talking on the phone, unless I'm in a specific mood that calls for it. I say what I need to say, then put the phone down.
6. When I read, my feet must be covered. Not like socks, but a pillow or blanket. Just my feet though.
7. I am honestly not a creative person. I can't write music, poetry, or draw to save my life. It's kinda sad....
8. I can name almost every Star Wars character ever seen or mentioned in the movies AND video games, plus planets and species. I'm the epitome of nerd.
9. Playing piano with my toes is the funnest thing ever.
10. I love dresses. If I could dress like a Jane Austen character every day of my life, I would.
Well, let's see if I actually stick with this and do Day two.
Doubtful, but we'll see.
Later! :)

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Jadyn said...

Victoria Renae! I love your blog and I wish you did it more. But I don't judge you. I love you for it. :) And I TOTALLY agree with you on the Jane Austen thing... but Piglet...? Really? You don't find him increadibly adorable? :) Love you!