Sunday, July 10, 2011

Let me introduce myself, I'm all smiles :)

Oh goodness, I have been SO neglectful of my blog lately. But if it helps, I have been out ot town for like a month. So this is just gonna be a photo post, mostly.

So these are all from our recent Utah trip. Sooo amazingly fun- we went to Lagoon for the first time (GO NOW- it's the best:), and got to see lots of family, including my incredible great-grandma who is definitely my hero :)

Then about two days after getting home from Utah, we spent the fourth of July weekend up at my grandparent's ranch. We got to see the entire family, have our own talent show and "parade", and go to the Taylor rodeo. :)

So that's been my summer! :) Now off to San Diego in a week (I think!) :)

{Everything You Do, He is We}

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Samantha said...

I have missed you :)
[in a totally non-creeper way]