Saturday, February 19, 2011

I have a slight obsession...

with mustaches.

Seriously people. Women should be the ones to grow facial hair, because we can work it so much better than men.


So anyways, on a completely related note, I want this SO. STINKING. BADLY.

Available here, it's probably the best thing I've ever seen EVER.

(On a completely unrealted note, my birthday's a month from tomorrow. Just sayin. :)

Also, I finally faced my fears and recorded myself singing.

Let me tell you, NOT my best idea. But it'll be up soon anyways. :)

Peace out girl scouts!


auntieED said...

Uhm, I think you should pay me for that quote. Cuz I totally said that last night. Stealer.

Alexa said...

You should both pay me for that quote. Honestly. I started it.
let's make mustache bags someday.

Jadyn Maree said...

oooo! You're blogging again! This makes me so very happy.

Victoria Renae said...

Haha yeah Erika, I did.
Alexa Dyan- Deal. Even though I just ordered this bag, along with a matching mustache necklace. :)
Jadyn- I've made a deal with myself to try to blog more often! Sam's been getting after me, so it's mostly to shut her up. ;) juuuust kidding... kinda. :)

Samantha said...

This. Is. Epic. You have completely made me life :) I love your mustache! Oh and I guess I'll shut up now...... Since you have so graciously started to blog again ;)