Friday, February 25, 2011

We'll Watch the World From Above...

So, this week has kind of sucked. And by kind of, I mean totally and absolutely.
But, hopefully tomorrow will be fun, and I can make things better. Who knows?
So, I wanted to do some super-cute and fun post, but the camera is MIA with my mother at Ragnar right now, so I'm without photography means. Oh well.
SOOOO, I have a new idea that I'm going to feature on my blog. Once a week, I'm going to interview one of my friends/fellow bloggers, complete with photos taken and edited by moi, and a link to their amazingtastic blog. Sound like fun?? :)
So, just comment if you want to take part, with your email, and I'll get back to you all! Mmkay?
Later people! :)
{Rhythm of Love, Plain White T's}


Alexa said...

hey! i love participating! email me, foo!
i'm sorry your week sucked. tomorrow WILL be better. i am sure of it. i LOOOOOOOVE you Monroe!

ps. my word verification for this comment is cowboy. it is great and i thought i'd share my happiness about that. so yeah.

Renae said...
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Victoria Renae said...

Haha so I first commented, then realized I was logged in as my mom. Fail.

So, you will most definitely be my first interview. WIN! :)

COWBOY. Yeeeeessssss. :)

Ashlyn Harrop said...

oh i do!!! that's such a cute idea! :)

Samantha said...

Ummmm I too would love to be a part if this amazingness!! This will be exciting!! :)